Hussain Aga Khan

Founder, Director and Photographer

Hussain Aga Khan developed a keen interest in conservation at a young age and began scuba diving at 14. He frequently travelled to the tropics after high school and started taking photographs of fauna and flora on a trip to the Brazilian Amazon in 1996.

Through numerous exhibitions, publications and talks, he has created a global platform to raise awareness and inspire and educate audiences to protect the most threatened places and species on our planet. His exhibitions have been held in Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Kenya, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

He chairs the board of the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, serves on the board of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and is a member of the Aga Khan Development Network’s Environment and Climate Committee. He is a board member of Mission Blue and of the Shark Conservation Fund,  a member of the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation’s Council for Hope, and an ambassador for the Natural History Museum, London. 

He has published four books, Animal Voyage (2004), Diving into Wildlife (2015), Fragile Beauty (2022), and The Living Sea (2022), as well as held numerous illustrated talks for diverse audiences.

Focused on Nature

Focused on Nature (FON) was established by Hussain Aga Khan in 2014 to support global conservation, advocacy and research efforts through financial contributions to conservation organisations, including significant grassroots initiatives.

Exhibitions, public screenings, illustrated talks, books, and limited edition print sales are all used to inspire people to fall in love with nature, encourage them to change their consumption behaviours and motivate them to educate others.

FON's Mission

Photography Exhibitions | Awareness | Education

Hussain Aga Khan’s passion for wildlife photography is at the heart of FON, which now holds extensive archives accumulated over nearly three decades from his marine and terrestrial expeditions. The photographs depict hundreds of hours of his most enthralling and surprising encounters with wildlife. 

FON uses the photographic medium to communicate with diverse audiences and to raise awareness around the necessity and urgency to protect fragile and threatened ecosystems around the world.


Hussain Aga Khan’s  first exhibition, drawn from these archives, was held in 2004 at Columbia University and showcased the splendour of rainforests. Since then, the exhibitions have evolved into global platforms to raise awareness and educate audiences about diverse species and ecosystems. 

The visually vibrant exhibitions, drawing thousands of visitors - including students and youth - from cities around the world, demonstrate a commitment to showcasing the beauty, fragility and diversity of the natural world.


Illustrated Talks

Illustrated talks have been attended by prestigious audiences, including leadership, senior faculty, guests and students from renowned governmental, educational and cultural organisations.

Partners & Programs

Through FON’s network of conservation partners, FON engages with global subject matter experts to produce quality awareness and education initiatives around developments and innovations in conservation.


Photographic Print Sales

Specifically selected fine art print collections of Hussain Aga Khan’s
photography are available in limited time releases. The prints are produced, mounted and framed to the highest standards. All prints come with a thank you letter. 

100% Carbon Neutral Prints

Our entire printing and shipping process is carbon neutral combined with sustainable, biodegradable packaging.

Museum Paper Quality

Our prints are printed by an award winning print shop in London, UK and Dusseldorf, Germany on HahnemühlePhotoRag®.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that each and every print that you order, arrives in perfect condition or we will exchange it free of charge. Prints are couriered to ensure consistent shipping and delivery times.

Trunk up! Truly one of the most stunning and colorful sea fans I have ever been privileged to come across. The famous young male dugong at Marsa Mubarak goes upright after a long seagrass snack! Teddy bear? Synchronized mother and calf swooping in.

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Our Impact

FON supports global conservation, advocacy, and research efforts through direct financial contributions to some of the world’s leading conservation organisations. FON additionally supports grassroots conservation initiatives for the protection of threatened animal species, leading to immediate and significant impact in these areas. Projects are handpicked and vetted through a process of consultation with FON’s expert and committed advisors.

FON funding is channelled towards the conservation of selected marine species such as cetaceans, sharks and sea turtles, terrestrial species such as African elephants and rhinoceroses, and key ecosystems – especially rainforests.

To date, FON has contributed over USD 4.5 million.

FON’s beneficiaries (Grantees), operate conservation, advocacy and research programmes, initiatives and campaigns in over 32 countries, regions and oceans in the world.